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Frequently Asked Questions

image Here is a collection of questions that we frequently are asked. The list is not exhaustive, so if you have any other other questions please do ask when you come to see us at Supa Dupa Cakes Davenham.

  • Q - I have an idea of the cake design I like, can you make it for me ?
    A - With over 30 years in the business, having seen many designs and themes change over time, Fiona has always been able to apply her experience and knowledge to satisfy your bespoke cake design request.

  • Q - How can we discuss our cake requirements ?
    A - Of course, indeed that is the best way to evaluate your requirements and let you see how Supa Dupa Cakes can help you. Just give us a quick call on 01270 586596 or email or Facebook us and then we can ensure that Sarah will be available to schedule and dedicate some time with you.

  • Q - I'd like to try some cake - Do you have samples ?
    A - We positively encourage Brides to try a cake sample, as we are confident in our product. We cannot gurantee that all flavours will be available to try, but when you arrange to call in, we will always have at least one or two sponge flavours free of charge.
    Where Fruit cake is concerned, we also have small fruit cakes available at around £10-12.

  • Q - Can I have more than one flavour of cake ?
    A - Yes, if you are choosing a tiered cake, you can have each tier in a different flavour, but bear in mind, the more flavours you have, the more guests may want to try. So sometimes its best to keep it simple and opt for a couple of cake flavours only

  • Q - I would like one tier to be a Fruit cake - Do I have to have the fruit cake as a bottom tier ?
    A - We are able to safely stack your cakes in any order, so if you would prefer your top (smallest) tier to be a fruit tier, then that's not a problem.

  • Q - I like a specific design, but I prefer a different colour scheme, can you change it ?
    A - Yes, we will always match trimmings, decorations, etc. as closely as possible to your requirements. If you have a sample of colour to leave with your order, that would be great.

  • Q - Do you hire out cakes stands ?
    A - If you are ordering your cake from us, we can loan you an appropriate stand for your cake. We do request a secure deposit, but this is refundable when the stand is returned on time as arranged and in good condition.

  • Q - Do you deliver cakes ?
    A - We can deliver on occasion at a cost dependant upon delivery distance.

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