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Cake Cutting & Portions

How to cut your cake ...
There is a technique to cutting your cake into neat consistent slices.

Cutting Shaped Cakes
  • Firstly, release the cake from the cake board, by cutting through the sugarpaste at the base of the cake.
  • Make a cut straight across the centre of the cake, cutting th ecake into two halves
  • Take one of the halves and place on flat cutting surface, then continue to cut this into long slices of your preferred cakeslice width, carefully wiping the knife blade between cuts.
  • Lay each long slice flat onto a board and then cut these into your preferred cakeslice length
  • This will give neatly cut portions
Cutting Fruit Cakes
  • Use the same approach as above, but ensure that you use a sharp serrated knife and apply a sawing action when cutting fruit cake.
  • Ensure that you carefully wipe the knife blade between cuts.
  • Our fruitcake is rich, infused with brandy and has a very tender crumb. Following the above cutting instructions is therefore very important otherwise your cake can crumble when cutting.

Unused cake, whatever flavour, should have its cut edge covered with clingfilm and stored in its cake box to prevent drying out - Please see your cakebox label for use by dates.
For a guide on the approximate number of slices by cake type and size, please refer to the table below:


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