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Choosing your cake

image Choosing your cake is very individual and personal to each customer, but here are some simple points to consider which may help you on your way...

How many Guests do you wish to serve ?
This will dictate how many tiers you need or if its a one tier design, then the size of the cake tier, but this should always be your starting point.

What shape should the Cake be ?
Whilst Round and Square cakes are the most popular, you could also choose hexagonal, heart shape or a mixture of these, such as square bottom tier with a round top tier. This would immediately add extra interest into the cake design appearance.

What Cake flavours should I choose ?
We offer an array of delicious cake flavours to suit all palettes. Our flavours have been varied, tried and tested over many years and we know from our frequent customer feedback that everyone loves them.
We offer the following cake flavours from our range:
  • Plain sponge, layered with Raspberry Jam on our own special mousse-like light buttercream.
  • Chocolate, very light in texture, like all of our cakes, layered with our decadent fluffy chocolate buttercream.
  • Luscious lemon, layered with our wonderful mousse like buttercream flavoured iwth lemon and a good measure of quality lemon curd.
  • Orange and Grand Marnier, developed exclusively at Supa Dupa Cakes. Our light sponge cake has the addition of Grand Marnier liquor and layered with our special orange buttercream - yummy !
  • Carrot cake - even our carrot cake is light in texture and remains very popular for its lovely flavour. Choose with our cream cheese flavoured filling or our orange buttercream.
  • Rich fruit cake - Lots of fruit held together with a tender crumb and infused over time with brandy.

Special Requests .
Whilst the list of flavours described above are extensive and continue in their popularity, we do also continue to develop new bakes or make specific bakes to suit a customer request, for example...

  • Chocolate & Orange sponge
  • Tiramasu
  • St Clements
  • Red Velvet
  • We bake a lovely Gluten-free sponge to meet dietary need
  • We have a customer who returns each year for her son's Soya & dairy-free special bake
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